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    My Morning Routine: How I Start the Day Mellowed Out

    Part of Recovering from Burnout  How I start my day has changed considerably when I was forced to cope with chronic pain that left me unable to sit or walk for months. Then I suffered from burnout which left me feeling mentally, physcially and emotionally exhausted. To say it was a rough year is an understatement. Burnout threw me off my game and I needed to take back some control, in small ways and switching up my morning routine was one way I was able to do this successfully. Now getting up and starting my day off in quiet before I get my hustle on is essential to me. It’s…

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    Gratitude Attitude: Getting Uncomfortable to Find Happiness

    VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE and intentionally getting uncomfortable is the secret to really kicking that spice up a notch! This approach to life is what’s kept me, in many ways, out of the clutches of prolonged periods of depression. It’s been a solid practice for maintaining my mental wellness. The odd thing is that I hadn’t connected it to my happiness before. If I’m not learning something new, then I’m usually pretty miserable. How I do it I’m a lifelong learner – if I could get paid to take classes for a living, I’d probably be happy (assuming it’s not math…). Every year, as part of my goal setting, which involves…

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    Food Photography: 5 Beginner Tips for shooting in Natural Light

    photos by cassandra mcd. Midlife and My Photography Goals I consider myself a long learner and a naturally curious person so trying new things is what I do! Also, as I age and go through midlife, I’ve also been thinking about retirement and activities and hobbies that I can do now that I can take with me into retirement. Exploring different subjects in photography just happens to be an awesome way to satisfy my appetite for learning and enhance my skillset so I’ll be good to go when I’m 60! Food Photography a solution to a winter problem I decided to try to learn food photography by watching YouTube videos and…

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    how to work: the camel coat

    how to ‘work’: the camel coat by cassandramcd Moschino Cheap & Chic tie neck blouse / H&M pants/ BURAK UYAN platform booties / Valentino shopping bag / Chanel black lipstick/ Essie glitter nail polish / Coat Holt Renfrew me

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    Notes: Summer Dress Code?

    early last month, i was alerted to a news article in the toronto star about summer dress code for the office that was enough to spark days of debate. Here are some of the highlights from the article: Yes to jeans as long as they are not torn or distressed. Yes to polo shirts, casual shirts and T-shirts. No to bare shoulders or midriffs (read: no tank tops, muscle shirts, camisoles, halter tops, spaghetti straps, and crop tops) No to  low-rise pants. No minidresses.  Yes to casual dresses and skirts with ‘appropriate’ hemlines. Yes to sleeveless dresses (exception to the ‘no’ bare shoulder rule above). No miniskirts/dresses and dresses with…

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    cube dwellin’: 5 tips for workin’ your way up!

    i recently read an article, “i started at the bottom…now i’m the boss”, in the July issue of Marie Claire. the article featured four women who worked their way up from entry-level positions to holding top positions in their companies. i wanted to share my 5 fav tips from the article: show – don’t tell – how great you are don’t whine – fix the problem work with people who are different (backgrounds and experiences) from you make sure the decision makers know your name and what you do [understand that] even the greatest job demands sacrifice good advice for any level in one’s career; whether you’re in an entry-level…

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    cube dwelling: revisiting my wardrobe resolutions

    so back in december i made a number of style resolutions. i thought now that we are 4 months into the year maybe i should revisit these resolutions. you know, to see if i’ve managed to keep them or if i fell off the resolution wagon (and, in truth, to remind myself what that heck i resolved to do this year). i had resolved to: go for color apply the 1-in-1-out rule (one new piece = get rid of one old one) consider quality over quantity look in the full-length mirror before leaving for work in the a.m. kick the boredom habit – let boredom lead me not into temptation…

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    shopping 101: rock on wit your bad self!

    so, you’ve approached your shopping a little differently this time around: you hit the mall early, armed with your list and ready to do battle – well, to at least try things on and not give up too easily, and you’ve succeeded in getting some key pieces to add to your current wardrobe. do start working what you bought right away. why keep things sitting in the bags on your bedroom floor for weeks?! you’ve worked hard to build your wardrobe, braving the dreaded mall and everything! rock you’re new outfits with confidence. think about how you felt before the shopping; then how you feel once you’re strutting through your…

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    dknyprgirl: Is Asking About Growth Opportunity On An Interview A Deal Breaker?

    dknyprgirl: To make a long-ish story short, we are hiring a new PR Coordinator. While interviewing CandidateX (who has been out of college a year), I asked the typical “do you have any questions?” question. She replied, “Yes. Is there room for growth?”. Umm ok there are two schools of thought here. My… dknyprgirl: Is Asking About Growth Opportunity On An Interview A Deal Breaker?

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    shopping 101 – an outlet for your shopping woes?

    hate the malls? hate paying full-price for clothes? or do you feel that waiting for items to go on sales is a waste of time? outlet malls might be the solution for you. outlets have upped their game in terms of merch; there can be great buys to be had all year round. do  consider shopping at outlet malls if you’re wardrobe budget is tight or even if you’re not on a tight budget. who doesn’t love a good deal?! If you haven’t guessed yet, i like to shop when the mall opens to avoid crowds. i’d do the same for outlet shopping as well; also if you’re driving, you can get…