About Me

Hi there! Welcome. I’m a 9-to-5er and when I’m not at her full-time gig, I’m tapping into my creative superpower as a lifestyle content creator and photographer. My experience with migraines, chronic pain and career burnout has led me on a selfcare and wellness journey, one of self-discovery and learning to slow the heck down. I want to be a wellness warrior who embraces the power of healing through finding calm in the everyday with mindfulness, self-compassion, humour and realistic optimism.

I’m also a 40-something aunty, living single in the big city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The 40s, well, it’s definitely a whole mood. I heard this season of life might come with a crisis. I think I’m there since I’m asking the big questions “what’s my purpose”, my “why” in life. I still haven’t figure this out yet but I’m ok with that! Let the midlife lifestyle journey begin!’

Isn’t that what life is about. Searching for our “Why”, meaning, purpose, self-fulfilment and all that other good stuff that a happy, well-balanced life is made of.  The process of  self-discovery is about life learning. So, come join me as I get better at practising gratitude, self-reflection and self-love.

A few fun facts about me:

  • Brunch is my favourite meal.  Always in search of the perfect French Toast!
  • I love love loooove British crime dramas (really almost anything British)
  • And want to be best friends with all fierce female leads of television who are badass bosses and who’s wardrobes I want to steal. Bowing down to the Olivia Popes (Scandal), Alicia Florricks and Dianne Lockharts (The Good Wife) and Jessica Parson’s (Suits) of tv land. And the Michelle Obamas, Oprahs, and Shonda Rhimes’ in real life.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you can stay for a while.

Cassandra McD.

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