About Me

You see that woman there? Yes, that’s me. Heeeey!

I’m not a mommy blogger, fashion blogger or a food blogger. Is there such a thing as a cool aunt blogger? If not, I’m starting a new club. You’re invited.

I’m in my 40s, single, and entering yet another stage in life… midlife. I heard it comes with a crisis. I think I’m there since I’m asking the big questions “what’s my purpose”, my “why” in life.

I’m writing this blog a creative outlet. I’m in search of my “Why”, my purpose, self-fulfilment and all that other good stuff that a happy, well-balanced life is made of.  Through this process of self-discovery and life learning, I want to get better at practising gratitude, self-reflection and self-love. Let the midlife lifestyle journey begin.

A few fun facts about me is that I love British crime dramas (really almost anything British) and fierce female leads of television who work it like bosses who’s wardrobes I basically want to steal: Olivia Pope (Scandal), Alicia Florrick / Dianne Lockhart (The Good Wife) and Jessica Parson (Suits).  These women are always on point and umm, they run the world!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you can stay for a while.

Cassandra McD.

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