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Heeeey! Welcome to le blog! So happy you’re here!

I’m the World’s Coolest Aunt, well, according to the kids I am and who am I to disagree! I take photos of people and places, I’m into fitness (kind of), love weekend brunches, hellllo French Toast!, and racking up travel miles when I can, sometimes solo.

I’m entering yet another stage in life called midlife.  I’m clueless, curious, about what that’s all about (I’ve heard horror stories). I’m also at a stage where I crave more meaning, finding my “Why”, my purpose and all that other names for self-fulfilment and meaning. Is there a mid-life happy place and where do I find that. Wait, is this where the midlife crisis part comes in?! (Gah!!)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Leave a comment and say hello.  Would love to meet ya!




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