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    Shopping habits: Reflections of a somewhat reformed shopaholic

    Photo: Cassandra McD. Let me set the scene and you can tell me if this sounds all too familiar to you. You get a text message from your BFF. 2 images: (1) A new backpack and (2) two new pairs of shoes – one pair, a sexy open-toed high-heeled sandals with metallic gold heels – LIT!! and the other a red hot pair of flats with an oversized bow, very Valentino-esque. You: [send  multiple fire emojis]. Wait, r you gonna sneak those into the house so ur mom won’t c them? Her: [smiling emoji with halo] Of course! Aren’t they cute tho? I just had to have them!!! Photo: Cassandra McD. Makes totally…

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    Racking up the Points & Reaping Rewards: 5 reasons I love using points cards

    I’m now a believer in points cards! I was always one of those people who would get coupons for, I dunno McDonald’s and think, great, going to get a free Sundae with my Quarter-Pounder with Cheese for lunch….one of these days. Then I would forget and the coupon would sit in my handbag well past its expiry date. So, when points cards came along, I was like “whatever”or, I’d  collect points so infrequently, a lot of time I wouldn’t even have the card on me, I would rarely end up reaping any rewards. That was until I was paying for groceries at Loblaws and I was told I had racked up $70…

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    Offline: tips for a new wardrobe

    offline: fall(ing) for a new wardrobe it’s that time of year again, you know the one where all the mags do the massive  September issues with about 600 pages of adversting, 100 pages of runway stuff and maybe 20 pages of stuff you can actually wear and maybe afford. i’ve got fall shopping fever but i’ve decided to wait and first assess what’s in my closet. before hitting the mall to get that fantastic grey sweater or camel coat you saw in Zara (you know, just like the one you have hanging in your closet…) you may want to: start with your closet – since we’re talking about work-wear here, take a…

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    how to work: the camel coat

    how to ‘work’: the camel coat by cassandramcd Moschino Cheap & Chic tie neck blouse / H&M pants/ BURAK UYAN platform booties / Valentino shopping bag / Chanel black lipstick/ Essie glitter nail polish / Coat Holt Renfrew me

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    cube dwelling: revisiting my wardrobe resolutions

    so back in december i made a number of style resolutions. i thought now that we are 4 months into the year maybe i should revisit these resolutions. you know, to see if i’ve managed to keep them or if i fell off the resolution wagon (and, in truth, to remind myself what that heck i resolved to do this year). i had resolved to: go for color apply the 1-in-1-out rule (one new piece = get rid of one old one) consider quality over quantity look in the full-length mirror before leaving for work in the a.m. kick the boredom habit – let boredom lead me not into temptation…

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    shopping 101: rock on wit your bad self!

    so, you’ve approached your shopping a little differently this time around: you hit the mall early, armed with your list and ready to do battle – well, to at least try things on and not give up too easily, and you’ve succeeded in getting some key pieces to add to your current wardrobe. do start working what you bought right away. why keep things sitting in the bags on your bedroom floor for weeks?! you’ve worked hard to build your wardrobe, braving the dreaded mall and everything! rock you’re new outfits with confidence. think about how you felt before the shopping; then how you feel once you’re strutting through your…

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    shopping 101 – an outlet for your shopping woes?

    hate the malls? hate paying full-price for clothes? or do you feel that waiting for items to go on sales is a waste of time? outlet malls might be the solution for you. outlets have upped their game in terms of merch; there can be great buys to be had all year round. do  consider shopping at outlet malls if you’re wardrobe budget is tight or even if you’re not on a tight budget. who doesn’t love a good deal?! If you haven’t guessed yet, i like to shop when the mall opens to avoid crowds. i’d do the same for outlet shopping as well; also if you’re driving, you can get…

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    shopping 101: trend watch…out

    you might have to let go of the idea that you can rock leopard-print leggings. i get it, leopard is hot right now. just because something is trending now doesn’t mean that it’s the trend for you. do if you really love a trend, like an animal print, try to find a creative way to add the trend to your wardrobe, like rock it in an accessory instead. me

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    shopping 101: if at first you don’t succeed…

    not all of us can get a perfect fit right off-the-rack. and honestly, who has the figure of a mannequin? so, why should we expect that the clothes should look exactly like that when we put them on? don’t get me started on “size 0” or “00”. *eye roll* do  focus on you and how the clothes look on you and not what the blouse looked like on the mannequin or on the woman that just stepped out of the fitting room beside you in the same blouse – i know you’re checking her out and doing a comparison – stop it. also… if at first you don’t succeed… don’t be discouraged if the first few…

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    shopping 101: phone a friend

    “i don’t know what looks good on me?” “I don’t know how to make an outfit?”, “can I wear this with that?” if this is you, then you might not want to tackle the shopping mission alone. Phone a friend. do Bring a friend along whose style sense you trust (don’t bring a friend who hates shopping as much as you do – not kidding). maybe limit the amount of friends. why? you ask. you step out of a fitting room in an outfit: suzy sunshine gives you a thumbs up and squeals, “oooh, i love that on you!” debbie downer, scrunches her face like she ate some sourkids, gives you a thumbs down and says,…