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shopping 101: phone a friend


“i don’t know what looks good on me?”

“I don’t know how to make an outfit?”,

“can I wear this with that?”

if this is you, then you might not want to tackle the shopping mission alone. Phone a friend.


Bring a friend along whose style sense you trust (don’t bring a friend who hates shopping as much as you do – not kidding).

maybe limit the amount of friends. why? you ask. you step out of a fitting room in an outfit:

  • suzy sunshine gives you a thumbs up and squeals, “oooh, i love that on you!”
  • debbie downer, scrunches her face like she ate some sourkids, gives you a thumbs down and says, “that’s soooo not working for you!”
  • you look from one to the other because you’re unsure who to believe *awkwardness*

in-store stylists:

can’t find a friend or at least one whose opinion you value? you can also check if the store has an in-store stylist that you can book a consult with (ask if there are fees for the service); some malls have stylist services as well.


one last thing, make sure you bring the friend who has enough patience to deal with your cranky ass after the first hour of shopping.


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