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shopping 101: if at first you don’t succeed…

not all of us can get a perfect fit right off-the-rack. and honestly, who has the figure of a mannequin? so, why should we expect that the clothes should look exactly like that when we put them on? don’t get me started on “size 0” or “00”. *eye roll*


 focus on you and how the clothes look on you and not what the blouse looked like on the mannequin or on the woman that just stepped out of the fitting room beside you in the same blouse – i know you’re checking her out and doing a comparison – stop it.


if at first you don’t succeed… don’t be discouraged if the first few things you try don’t work for you.  keep going.  enlist the help of the sales staff or take advantage of in-store stylists where available – lots of stores are offering this service now.

be patient and keep an open-mind: to achieve a good fit, you might need tailoring – you’ll be amazed at the difference this can make.


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