cube dwelling: revisiting my wardrobe resolutions


so back in december i made a number of style resolutions. i thought now that we are 4 months into the year maybe i should revisit these resolutions. you know, to see if i’ve managed to keep them or if i fell off the resolution wagon (and, in truth, to remind myself what that heck i resolved to do this year).

i had resolved to:

  1. go for color
  2. apply the 1-in-1-out rule (one new piece = get rid of one old one)
  3. consider quality over quantity
  4. look in the full-length mirror before leaving for work in the a.m.
  5. kick the boredom habit – let boredom lead me not into temptation
  6. look good and feel good – make every effort to look good every day

so how am i doing so far?

i have really embraced adding color into my wardrobe throughout the winter and now that its spring, i that much more more excited about the bold color options that will be available to me.

ahhh, i haven’t been so good with the 1-in-1 out rule. i’ve bought a few things (ok several items) in the past two months but they are spring/summer items and my winter wardrobe is still in my closet. i will have to undergo a spring purging once i transition over my wardrobe.

the other resolutions i have been better at. except for the the “boredom” one which isn’t really an issue for me as it’s not boredom that is currently driving my urge to splurge but the warm temps in March! sun is shining and i’m doin’ a happy dance all the way to mall *heavy sigh*

oh well, resolutions sometimes are a work in progress. i will continue to work on mine this year. oh, i may even get my exercise on for 2012 too.


About cassandra mcd.

World's coolest aunt (so I've been told). I'm all about personal growth and living a healthy lifestyle that prioritizes self-care and mental wellness. I want to embrace aging with swagger (and less gray hair), living life more mindfully and filled with an abundance of gratitude.
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