shopping 101: rock on wit your bad self!

so, you’ve approached your shopping a little differently this time around:

  • you hit the mall early, armed with your list and ready to do battle – well, to at least try things on and not give up too easily, and
  • you’ve succeeded in getting some key pieces to add to your current wardrobe.


start working what you bought right away. why keep things sitting in the bags on your bedroom floor for weeks?! you’ve worked hard to build your wardrobe, braving the dreaded mall and everything!

rock you’re new outfits with confidence. think about how you felt before the shopping; then how you feel once you’re strutting through your office with your stylish self. you’ll  not only look good, you’ll feel good. trust me.


About cassandra mcd.

World's coolest aunt (so I've been told). I'm all about personal growth and living a healthy lifestyle that prioritizes self-care and mental wellness. I want to embrace aging with swagger (and less gray hair), living life more mindfully and filled with an abundance of gratitude.
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