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Notes: Summer Dress Code?

early last month, i was alerted to a news article in the toronto star about summer dress code for the office that was enough to spark days of debate.

Here are some of the highlights from the article:

  • Yes to jeans as long as they are not torn or distressed.
  • Yes to polo shirts, casual shirts and T-shirts.
  • No to bare shoulders or midriffs (read: no tank tops, muscle shirts, camisoles, halter tops, spaghetti straps, and crop tops)
  • No to  low-rise pants.
  • No minidresses. 
  • Yes to casual dresses and skirts with ‘appropriate’ hemlines.
  • Yes to sleeveless dresses (exception to the ‘no’ bare shoulder rule above).
  • No miniskirts/dresses and dresses with spaghetti straps.
  • Yes to tailored walking shorts. No to booty shorts (or shorts that are  are perceived as distracting or revealing).
  • Yes to loafers, sandals and “presentable sports shoes” (think that means dirty sneakers are a ‘no’….)

what do you think of having a written dress code for the office? 

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