Bringing Sexy Back: Learning to Love Myself in My 40s

Feeling confident with age

Beauty in Confidence

Embracing Self-Love in Mid-Life

SELF-CONFIDENCE – BRINGIN’ SEXY BACK (and tryin’ to hold onto it 😬)

JT and SexyBack! I remember watching that video and turning it uuuuup! Like most of us, it was my jam! In fact, it still makes me wanna get up dance whenever I hear it. More to the title or hook (not so much the lyrics) has become a bit of little anthem for me. As I age, I find my “sexy” is something I’d like to not only bring back, but I also want to continue to maintain it.

By sexy I don’t necessarily mean my body (well, ok, having abs like my 25-year old self or arms like #MichelleObama can’t hurt and neither can body positivity at any age). What I mean by sexy is a kind of age positive attitude, a self-confidence, swagger, grit and spirit that says, “I’m comfortable in the skin I’m in at this particular point in my life”, because trust me, nothing prepared me for the way I’m changing with age.😯

Learning to Love the Skin I’m In

Honestly, I’ve watched myself change, physically, the shape of my body, my skin, my hair (lord knows I fight the greys on the daily) and seen my self-confidence waver and shift with each stage of ageing and not always in a good way 🙄

As I get older, I’m also getting mentally tougher, tapping into resilience and setting my priorities for self-care and overall wellness. How I respond to these changes now has shifted. Instead of staring at my forehead and wondering if that wrinkle was there the day before, I’m working on learning to redefine and embrace my sexy at whatever stage I’m at (fist bumps to Tweezers and to Olay 🙌🏾 you guys help make the facial hair struggle a little easier to deal with😌)

Confident Woman

Confidence is Sexy

Yes, I still curse the jiggly bits (Y’all know I love my French Toasts and Croissants! #livingacarbslife 🥐 🤦🏾‍♀️) and I hate the grey hairs right now – they are kinky and stealthy and seem to hijack my hairline violently when I’m sleeping (wtf) 😩

At the same time, I’ve also come to really love the shape of my arms, and muscles in my back, the way my quads look when I wear heels (Bootcamp payoffs 😝), the smoothness is my skin and the way my hair shines on a good day (basically, on day 2 after my salon visit and when I skip Bootcamp 😬).



I keep striving to bring my own sexy back on my own terms and in a way that makes me feel good about myself, accepting that there will be good days and days when I feel like crap. But that’s OK, as long as I keep those crap days at a minimum 🙅🏾‍♀️

Ladies, how are you bringing your own brand of sexy back?💁🏾‍♀️

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