Self-care​ Day: Solo Ste. Anne’s Spa Day


Ste. Anne’s Spa Getaway

I have created this beautiful garden where many people will come to be healed” – prophecy given to Ste. Anne’s by Jay Rawlings

“You went to the spa by yourself?” This was the reaction I got from a couple people when they found out that I recently went to Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario for a much-needed self-care spa day. What’s up with that?! Why is it that people think it either impressive or unusual that one should do things alone? Anyhow, that is a subject for another post, I’m sure! But today is International Self Care Day so I wanted to share my recent solo girl’s spa day getaway to Ste. Anne’s Spa


Coal and Canary Scented Candle

Riding Solo for this Self Care Day

It hadn’t occurred to me that it was unusual to go to the spa alone. I mean my idea of relaxation and pampering involves me riding solo and being left alone to just kick it, in silence, preferably with a good book and in beautiful surroundings! What can I say?!, I love my own company! Embracing solitude is simply another equally rewarding way to make the most of a spa experience, isn’t it?!

I no longer drive so I was excited to learn that Ste. Anne’s can arrange for Via Rail train tickets and provide a shuttle service as part of my spa package! Woot-Woot!


Ste. Anne’s Spa

My initial trepidation about this solo selfcare spa day was, “what the heck was I gonna do all day by myself?” I had the whole day to myself.  I had nothing to worry about of course. Ste. Anne’s Spa took care of everything for me, including booking my train tickets and providing shuttle service to the spa. They even sent my itinerary with suggestions of what to pack for the day. All I needed to do was pack my things and show up!

I began my day with breakfast, followed by the most amazing Eucalyptus Body Wrap (with a facial and head massage! h.e.a.v.e.n.) that left me feeling lighter and all kinds of relaxed and rejuvenated! I also did a Gentle Yoga wellness class that was enjoyable and the perfect way to wind down.

I had a stress-free, super relaxing time wandering the beautiful, spacious grounds, listening to the birds sing, feeling the sun on my face and the soft breeze on my skin.  I strolled slowly, aimlessly, and completely at ease.

I got excited to find little gardens dotted around the property where you could sit, quietly and listen to the rhythm of the flowing water against the rocks and the faint, soothing melody of wind chimes being softly kissed by the wind. Peace and tranquillity are the only words I have to describe the experience.


The only time I realized how many small groups of people were at the spa was during lunch and afternoon tea while I was in the dining area. Otherwise, I was pretty much left to walk and chill out in peace and enjoy the serenity of the place.

Solo Spa Days are Awesomeness

Would I do it again? Absolutely! By myself, yeah, or even with my besties. The one thing I wish I had done, however, was to learn to sit still a little longer, close my eyes and just be in the moment. I struggle with that at home but taking this small step outside my comfort zone and to have this experience is enough for now. 


peace. out

Cass McD.

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