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    Brunch Spotlight: Wish Restaurant, Toronto

    Photos by Cassandra McD. It’s the weekend! And that means its time for one of my favourite activities. Brunching! Ahh, if brunch was a sport, it would practice it professionally! One of the restaurants in Toronto that I’ve been to a few times for weekend brunch is Wish Restaurant. Celebrated my birthday here last year as well. I’m a sucker for great design and this place has this French, rustic vibe going on that’s chic and inviting (also it’s a place that serves my two fave meals, French Toast and burger and fries! Never disappoints!) Be forewarned, the space is on the small side but the patio is great in…

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    Food Photography: 5 Beginner Tips for shooting in Natural Light

    photos by cassandra mcd. Midlife and My Photography Goals I consider myself a long learner and a naturally curious person so trying new things is what I do! Also, as I age and go through midlife, I’ve also been thinking about retirement and activities and hobbies that I can do now that I can take with me into retirement. Exploring different subjects in photography just happens to be an awesome way to satisfy my appetite for learning and enhance my skillset so I’ll be good to go when I’m 60! Food Photography a solution to a winter problem I decided to try to learn food photography by watching YouTube videos and…

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    Shopping habits: Reflections of a somewhat reformed shopaholic

    Photo: Cassandra McD. Let me set the scene and you can tell me if this sounds all too familiar to you. You get a text message from your BFF. 2 images: (1) A new backpack and (2) two new pairs of shoes – one pair, a sexy open-toed high-heeled sandals with metallic gold heels – LIT!! and the other a red hot pair of flats with an oversized bow, very Valentino-esque. You: [send  multiple fire emojis]. Wait, r you gonna sneak those into the house so ur mom won’t c them? Her: [smiling emoji with halo] Of course! Aren’t they cute tho? I just had to have them!!! Photo: Cassandra McD. Makes totally…

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    Book Style Inspo: Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay

    The Deal: Wife disappears from an amusement park and this sets off a not so fun series of events for hubster who may or may not be implicated in her disappearance….or murder… I’d work this look to an amusement park, wouldn’t you (especially if you planned to do a runner!)? Never Look Away A Thriller   The Boyfriend Holt Renfrew   Keds white sneaker Cork purse Topshop hat

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    Lifestyle: How I set myself up for fitness success, a skinny bi*ch’s story

    When I was approaching my 30th birthday, a friend of mine told me that once I hit 30 “it was down hill”. He, yes he, was speaking of weight gain. I didn’t take offence at the time. He was older than I was and appeared to be speaking from experience (hehehe). I also knew that gaining weight for most people was natural as we age. I had read somewhere that woman will put some pounds on in the mid-section in preparation for menopause but since I was nowhere near those years, that didn’t bother me. Sticks and Stones The thing is, growing up I was subjected to name-calling and negative…

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    Racking up the Points & Reaping Rewards: 5 reasons I love using points cards

    I’m now a believer in points cards! I was always one of those people who would get coupons for, I dunno McDonald’s and think, great, going to get a free Sundae with my Quarter-Pounder with Cheese for lunch….one of these days. Then I would forget and the coupon would sit in my handbag well past its expiry date. So, when points cards came along, I was like “whatever”or, I’d  collect points so infrequently, a lot of time I wouldn’t even have the card on me, I would rarely end up reaping any rewards. That was until I was paying for groceries at Loblaws and I was told I had racked up $70…

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    Change is ‘Natural’: Feeling my hair fears and doing it anyway!

    In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Change.” About a year ago I decided to stop relaxing my hair. Relaxing my hair meant going to the hair salon every  6 – 8 weeks to get my hair chemically straightened. If you’ve read my previous post Hair Story: Good Hair Takes Some Time, you’ll know that the hours spent at the hair salon, although sometimes entertaining, was oftentimes excessive. Long hours at the salon aside, what really drove me to decide it was time for a change? Well, a couple years ago, I had a bad relaxer experience that left me with some minor damage – there was a patch…

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    My Hair Story: Good hair takes some time

    There is something about a hair salon. The place has its own rhythm, it’s own life. From the sounds of R&B on the radio, to the whooshing sounds of the hot air from the hair dryers, to the splashing of the water and the flipping of pages as women sit, magazines in hand, awaiting there turn. For some salon visits can be a very social and fun experience. Lots of laughter, sharing stories and yes, lots of over-sharing. For me, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with salon visits. I’m sharing this Hair Story for my ladies who have ever survived a day at the hair salon in the quest…