Reading List: Summer Reading Roundup

Summer Reading

I realized that I never shared this post so here you go! I try to read at least two books each month – I’m a slow reader and it takes me time to get through the pages. Anyhoo, I thought I d share what I’m currently reading with you all. In case, you’re interested in adding new titles to your reading list.

I won’t be doing book reviews because I really don’t think I’m qualified to do so. I read for the simple joy of reading and rarely to apply any level of critical analysis or thoughtfulness, at least not enough of it to provide a useful review. I either enjoy what I’m reading, think it’s ‘meh’ or I don’t like it. If a book is a struggle to get through (100 Years of Solitude…) I may give up after a time.

Often what happens is, once I put I book down I will remember how it made me feel but vaguely remember the plot and all the character names. That’s just how it is for me.

So, with that in mind, if you’re interested in knowing what I’m reading, I’ll try to share with in more regularly – I may indicate whether I’ve enjoyed a book from time to time. But for now, here are the fiction novels I read for August.

August Book List

Roundup of books read in August

Roundup of the books I read in August. I usually manage about two books per month but turns out August was a good month for reading:

1. The Other Black Girl – Zakiya Dalila Harris

Nell Rogers is a 26-year old Editorial Assistant and the only Black employee at Wagner Books until a new Black girl, Hazel, from Harlem starts at Wagner. It’s great, until everybody loves Hazel in the office and Nell starts to feel the career she’s worked so hard to build start to slip away from her.

Things start getting dangerous when Nell starts receiving notes that warn her to LEAVE WAGNER. NOW. Could Hazel be behind this? And why is she in being threatened at Wagner?

2. Indians on Vacation – Thomas King

Indians on Vacation is a #1 Indie bestseller and a Canadian bestseller. The story follows Bird and Mimi as the couple is vacationing in Prague as part of a travel adventure of sorts. Using old postcard (nearly a hundred years old) they are attempting to trace the travel of Mimi’s ancestor, Uncle Leroy and the missing family medicine bundle Leroy took with him.

3. The Last Thing He Told Me – Laura Dave

Protect Her. That was on the note, Hannah receives from her husband Owen on the day he disappears. She realizes he means his 16-year-old daughter, Hannah’s angsty step daughter, Bailey. What happened to Owen? Why would he disappear without his daughter? How is Hannah supposed to protect a child that wants nothing to do with her?

Owen’s sudden disappearance ties in with major scandal and criminal investigation into the tech firm Owen works for. Owen’s also left Bailey a duffel bag filled with cash and a cryptic note

Is that why he ran? Could he be involved? The FBI want to talk to Owen and so does a US Marshal. Who is Owen, the man she married? The man she thought she knew. And does Bailey hold the key to the answers.

4. The Proposal- Jasmine

This is a New York Times bestseller and Reese Witherspoon’s book club pick. When Nickole Paterson gets proposed on the jumbotron during a baseball game in front of 45,000 people, by a guy she’d been dating casually for five months, she’s not only surprised but embarrassed. She has no trouble saying no – dude didn’t even spell her name correctly – but when he doesn’t take it well, she has to sit there with 45,000 fans looking at her. Luckily, she is rescued by Carlos, a handsome doctor, and his sister Angela. As much as they both try to resist they attraction, they soon hook up casually and Carlos turns out to be the perfect rebound guy for her. Carlos has his family to think about and his work and doesn’t have time for serious relationship so, being with Nik casually works for him too. Or, at least it was fun for a while until it starts getting complicated.

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