Do These 3 Things Before Decluttering Your Beauty Products

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As COVID-19 self-isolation draws on and we’re entering four months of self-isolation, I’ve been finding ways to keep productive on weekends when I know the weekend brunch plans are non-existent as are visits to coffeeshops, the shops or even a few hours spent the museum or art gallery.

It’s not surprising that home decorating or home organizing are trending now since many of us are finding that we have the time to take a hard look at our living environment and maybe tackle some of the projects that we’ve never really had time for before – or made the time for.

One of the things on my quarantine to-do list is decluttering the bathroom cabinets. It’s not a big space but I’ve noticed it’s a crowded one. I’m talking about pore strips, exfoliating scrubs, serums, eye creams and hydrating masks. Then you have bottles of nail polish, cuticle creams, lipsticks and lip balms. I honestly believe I use one third of the products on a regular basis yet my cabinet shelves are lined and some is the small area around my sink

My goal for this weekend project was simple, eliminate the excess and bring more simplicity/spacious into my lifestyle (and probably on subconscious level, it’s really about mentally and physically preparing myself for all the anti-aging products I’ll need because I don’t plan on aging gracefully, I’m putting up a fight of the knock-down-drag-out variety).

What makes this a great weekend project?

  • It’s a small space so it will not be overwhelming and the time commitment should not be all-consuming and can be done in a couple of hours (minimal sweat equity involved in this project)
  • you’re likely to experience as big sense of accomplishment once you’re done (check-off that box on your to-do list!)
  • you’ll quickly create a spaciousness you didn’t realize you had in your bathroom and that is a pretty good feeling.

#1: Do ask yourself this one question

Overhead shot/ flatlay of a variety of makeup products - eyeshadow palettes, nail polish, creams in small jars and an assortment of makeup brushes

Do I really need ‘all” of this stuff?

Chances are, your answer will be “no” if you’re keeping it real with yo’self. I know, we love our beauty and skincare products. They look beautiful and smell divine plus they promise to give me that JLo glow and keep my skin flawless like Bey, and ageless like Naomi Campbell. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need every lotion, potion and serum currently lining your bathroom shelves.

Yet, if you think about it, you can be selective and happier if you keep the limited real estate of your shelves reserved for nothing but the ‘All Stars’, those core products that are your gold standard and make you feel really good when you use them.

If you feel you need ‘all’ of it, then you can still read on. You never know, even doing the next two activities might provide you with a different perspective and allow you to let go of a few things.

#2: Do sort the products

The Keepers

These are the gold standard products – the keepers. You know, the products that you replace the minute you notice it’s running low. These are the products you swear by and tell your girlfriends about.

These can also include sample products that you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t yet gotten around to, well, because, life. You still are curious about these products and you feel a little excitement about finally making the time to use them while in self-isolation.

The ‘Say Goodbye’ Crew

Makeup brushes and beauty products in clear organizer container on a bathroom counter

Seriously, when was the last time you used that bottle of serum you just found at the back of the cabinet hidden behind the tube of rash cream. You know the items that you thought you’d really liked but used it a couple times only to get distracted by something newer and shiner, that came highly recommended by one of your fave YouTubers and forgot about. We all have them.

Before you toss them out, can any of them find a new home? My niece has given me shampoo and conditioner she had when she recently decluttered her cabinets- she has a lot of hair and tries hair products constantly so she found herself with several bottles and realized that she hadn’t used many of them but a few times. I was a happy recipient because I typically go to the salon but COVID-19 put a temporary halt to that experience and I’ve had to do my hair at home.

To be clear, I’m not talking about giving used make-up products or any products that you could have contaminated with your hands to anyone. That’s just unsanitary even before Corona but even now, we need to be even more careful about what we are sharing and how we share it (for example, bottles of perfumes, shampoos or lotions might be worth considering).

# 3: Do check the expiry date

It will surprise you at how many products have expired without you realizing it. So even with the “Keepers” check the expiry date because beauty products expire and go bad – those natural products can expire faster than other products.

Also, using long expired beauty products is gross and cause skin irritation that you probably want to avoid like acne/break-outs or infections. Gross.

Now that you’ve gone through those steps you can go head and begin the process of making your bathroom shelves things of aligned, colour-code, beauty. Celebrate you freshly decluttered space by treating yourself to that lipstick you’ve had your eye on forever. Kidding! maybe enjoy the space for a bit longer before you bring in any new products always being mindful of creating more clutter.

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