5 Simple Tips To Help Get Your Closet Organized (so you can get you back to Netflix and chips sooner)

Rolling rack of stylish, minimalist wardrobe pieces and a trendy pale purple broad-rimmed felt had

Self-isolation Day 5,046 and I finally got off the sofa, dusted the potato chip crumbs off my wrinkled t-shirt and decided I’d tackle organizing my wardrobe. Plus, I wanted to strike while the motivation was hot and the migraines were not.  

I did a big purge a couple years ago so, this was one of my biannual decluttering tasks and not a massive undertaking. Thank goodness for that!

I thought I’d share the simple tips I use for keeping my closet “somewhat” organized. I say, “somewhat” because I’m not really the Kondo method spark joy type, don’t have that kinda mindset or patience. If you want that level of organization, then check her book and YouTube for some inspiration. I personally just need things to be kinda, sorta neat-ish and I’m good to go…back to binge watching some Netflix.

Metal rolling rack of black and white minimalist clothing hanging neatly on wooden hangers

Here are 5 tips to get your closet looking neat:

  1. Seasonal Switch Up! Use the seasons as your reminder to give your closet a once-over. The beginning of spring when you’re transitioning from winter sweaters and boots to cute dresses and sandals is a perfect time.
  1. Drop it low, to the flo’! Go ahead and pump up the jams. Sing to your fave chart toppers, the ones you think you know all the lyrics too but you really don’t and sing them out loud like you know them anyways? Get hype and get going!
  1. Divide and Conquor! If you’re like me you might find the idea of removing everything from your closet and dumping it into piles to be sort, a bit overwhelming. Start with one section of your closet at a time. For example, I start with pants – they are easier to sort and I can get a quick win. Then I move on to dresses and work your way through in a way that’s most comfortable and that I know I can manage without the overwhelm.
A small selection of white clothing hanging on wooden hangers
  1. When in doubt, try it on! It can comes as a shock to discover that those jeans from 1992 don’t fit anymore – how can this be? I know, I’ve been there. But it’s ok, it really is gonna be alright. Let it go and plan to buy a new pair that makes your booty look real good in 2020. 
  1. Hanger consistency is key. Seriously, using one style of hangers does wonders for making your closet look organized even if things aren’t aligned and colour co-ordinated to perfection. It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

Bonus tip: #PaceYourself – I took my time, no pressure at all, and did my organizing in sections over a weekend. So, no need to feel any pressure to get it done, right now, all in one go. Pace yourself, take a break, have a snack, and get back to it. But, if you’re in the groove and hit a stride, by all means, keep at it. Sometimes you’ve gotta grab hold of that momentum and ride the wave while you can. Netflix will be there when you’re done.

It felt good when I was done, so good in fact that I was guilt-free when I went back to the sofa with my bag of chips.  


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