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shopping 101: get a visual


i know, you hate trying things on. mee too but you gotta do it.

it’s not only good for determining ‘fit’ but it’s also a good way for you to see how an entire outfit can look – as opposed to individual pieces while you’re in the store. 


go ahead, get a visual  –  try the item on.

if you’re the type that doesn’t have a clue of how to make an outfit, trying things on in the store is even more important. You’ll have access to items to create an outfit at your fingertips.

ask for help

  • ask a sales associate what you can pair with a particular item to make an outfit; get them to grab a few things for you to try on; or
  • look at the mannequin if you like – jtry to get a good visual of the ‘outfit’.

before you buy

  • think about what other pieces you have in your closet that will work with the item – (try to come up with at least 3 pieces)

Another bonus of trying things on while in the store is that you’ll avoid having to make another trip back to the mall for returns later if it turns out it doesn’t fit.


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