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shopping 101: timing is money – shop the sales!

buying-15810_1280when i went shopping with my friend Chilly the stores were stocking their new f/w lines  – translation: all the sales had ended.

i don’t like paying full price for clothing, especially things that i don’t plan on having for more than a season. i’ll wait for the sale (there’ll be a sale on almost everything soon enough).


be informed – sign-up for mailing lists of your fav stores so you can be alerted to special deals and begin to built a strong work wardrobe on a budget.

i know, i know, you hate the constant emails in your inbox. but it can save you a lot of money if you shop during sales or promotions.

set up a separate email account specifically for store alerts. that way you can keep these alerts in one place and out of your regular email inbox.


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