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shopping 101 – i need everything


saying, “i need everything!” will only get you in trouble when deciding to do a big shopping trip and is not likely to be true – unless you’ve just suffered a natural disaster and really do need everything.

starting from the position that you need to buy everything all at once will probably leave feeling overwhelmed, disappointed, and more than likely, wandering aimlessly for hours in the mall.


stick with one area of your lifestyle: do you need work attire or weekend-wear?

this will help you stay focused, cut down on the amount of stores you’ll need to visit, and make you less stressed.

Once you’ve tackled one area of your life then you can plan to tackle the other. and yeah, it’ll mean you’re back at the mall at some point but if you approach shopping more strategically, you’ll be in and out in less time and hopefully be less stressed as a result.


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