7 Tips for Organizing Your Closet Without the Pressure of Perfection

Quarantine Life – Day 5,046,000 and I finally got off the sofa, dusted the potato chip crumbs off my wrinkled t-shirt and decided I’d tackle organizing my wardrobe. I wanted to strike while the motivation of a new season was hot and the migraines were not!

I did a big purge a couple years ago so, this was one of my biannual decluttering tasks and not a massive undertaking. I thought I’d share the simple tips I use for keeping my closet “somewhat” organized. I say, “somewhat” because I’m not really the Kondo method spark joy type. Although I do like a neat and orderly space, I’m ok with a little mess. I can live with improperly folded socks and not colour coordinating my knits. Props to those of you who are so inclined, tho! My motto is to do what feels good and works for you. I personally, just need things to be kinda, sorta neat-ish and to be simple, and easy to execute. It doesn’t take much. I encourage you to do the same, let go of the stress, simplify things by taking the parts you find most helpful and trying them and disregard the things you don’t. 

That being said here are my seven tips for getting your closet neatish without worrying about getting it Pinterest perfect, because, let’s face it, for most of us our real lives don’t allow us to ever maintain that level of perfection once the photos have been snapped and shared with our followers and FB fam! 

Here are 7 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Closet Organizing Tip #1: Get Your Mindset Right

Ask yourself what the outcome you want to achieve. A Pinterest-worthy closet might be your goal, but I doubt it if you’re reading this post that encourages you to let go of perfection!

It’s great to go on Pinterest to get inspiration but watch out for those sneaky thoughts of envy and comparison. Acknowledge the thought, take a breath, then let the thought go if it does not serve you.

Remind yourself of the true purpose of this task. Accept that this is where you are right now. Get ready to get organized and feel all the good vibes that come with having a cleaner, organized, closet.

Closet Organizing Tip #2: Pace Yourself

My niece recently decided she was going to paint her living and dining room, by herself and in a day. She got it done but it took her three days and a second trip to buy more paint! She underestimated the amount of work it would take. 

Your closet might seem like a small space, but if you’re like me, and you have a lot of ‘stuff’, then organizing it might take you longer than a few hours. In that case, pace yourself by setting incremental goals, like, setting aside two hours and organizing one section as opposed to wanting to do the whole thing. 

Closet Organizing Tip #3: Seasonal Switch Up

Use the seasons as your reminder to give your closet a once-over. The beginning of spring when you’re transitioning from winter sweaters and boots to cute dresses and sandals is a perfect time.

Closet Organizing Tip #4: Dance like no one is watching

Go ahead and bump your fave tunes, you know, the songs you think you know all the lyrics too, but you really don’t but sing them anyway. Get hype and get going. 

Closet Organizing Tip #5: Divide and Conquer

If you’re like me you might find the idea of removing everything from your closet and dumping it into piles to be sorted, a bit overwhelming. Start with one section of your closet at a time. For example, I start with pants – they’re easier to sort and I can get a quick win.

Closet Organizing Tip #6: When in doubt, try it on

It can come as a shock to discover that those jeans from 1992 don’t fit anymore – how can this be? I know, I’ve been there. But it’s ok, it really is gonna be alright. Let it go and plan to buy a new pair that makes your booty look real good in 2020. 

Closet Organizing Tip #7: Get Hung Up on Hangers

Seriously, using one style of hanger does wonders for making your closet appear more organized even if things aren’t aligned and colour co-ordinated to perfection. It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

Once you’ve finished, step back, look at your work, and congratulate yourself on a job well done! Then treat yourself to some Netflix and a bag of potato chips!

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