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Musings: update – workstyle blahs

so what’s new on my work wardrobe rediscovery? i’ve got the winter wardrobe blahs. looking good everyday has been next to impossible lately; i can’t seem to muster up the energy or enthusiasm.

maybe its the weather, maybe it’s the wardrobe (or both). i’m struggling with how to add some oomph to my style. why is this so haaaard?! deep breath. ok, i need a plan.

what i want is to feel excited about my wardrobe and avoid the feeling of frumpiness that’s been at me for the past little while.

hmmm, how am i going to achieve this? not sure yet. i will give it some thought and let you know when i find out.

i suppose for us average janes looking good does require a bit of effort. sighs.


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