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The Essentials: A is for Animal Print

The Essentials: A is for animal print

It’s September and students are back at school. I’ve decided to educate myself as well, on style that is. I’ve gone back to my copy of “The One Hundred: A guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own”  by Nina Garcia. I have tons of purple tabs throughout from my first read.

This time I’m looking at the list of must-haves and focusing on pieces that workwear worthy. So my list will be a lot shorter and I may add my own items.

hope you will enjoy my take on the One Hundred (more like 30ish) pieces every working girl should own over the next little while.

oh and i’m experimenting with polaroids at the moment. 

Up first, “A is for animal print”. Nina G says wearing animal print is a way to add ‘element of danger’ to your safe outfit and “let the world know there is more to you than meets the eye.” I couldn’t aGrrrree more!

This is how I’m working my animal print a pair of wedges (also own some kitten heels, flats, blouse, jacket, belt… whaaat? A girl cannot have too much animal print! (Just don’t wear it all at the same time!)


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