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cube dwelling: latte come lately


ever been in a meeting with a co-worker whose behaviour is disruptive but they’re clueless about it? or might you be one of those people?

here is how your lack of meeting etiquette may be annoying your colleagues.

During the office meeting you might be annoying your co-workers when…

the meeting starts at 9:00 am and your morning coffee run begins at 8:55 am.

it’s not like meetings ever start on time. you know people will waste time talking about who got booted off idol or the latest episode of glee. no one will care if you’re late, right?

wrong. people care – especially the ones who were subjected to reality tv chatter while waiting for your frappuccino-craving-don’t-care-if-i’m-late butt to get there.


check your calendar for the meeting time and then plan to go for a coffee run well in advance of the meeting – anticipate early-morning coffee line-ups.


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