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when recounting events with colleagues, please refrain from speaking like you hang out with wayne & garth:

try to avoid sounding like this:

“and i was like dude! and he was like yeah, and then i was like no waaay! and then he was like, way! and then…”

 unless you’re starring in a remake of dumb and dumber just stop it.

 do: try to use ‘adult’ words

speak in a professional manner. people will likely be more inclined to take you seriously and listen to what you have to say. this is particularly important when you’re a young professional looking to make some serious strides in your career.

the statement you make in your style and presentation will give you office cred, so go ahead embrace the english language and save the urban dictionary references for when yu hang wit yo peeps in da ‘hood, ahh-rite?


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