In My Closet,  Work It

style challenge: forever 21 striped dress (round up)

discovery: this was a fun challenge – trying to put a $12.50 forever 21 dress to ‘work!’ 

my personal style challenge just in case you are just tuning in was for me to turn this dress – that was likely made with my 16 year old cousin in mind – into something that i could wear to work:

this really forced me to be creative (well, so has this blog). i could’ve easily paired the dress with skinny jeans and called it ‘weekend!’, but i think i managed to find simple ways to make it definitely cube-dwelling appropriate.

my 9 winning combinations (and yes, i’m tooting my own horn, what?!)

now that you’ve seen how a $12.50 dress can work out (or how you can steal from your teenage daughter/cousin’s closet and make it work), go ahead, mix it up, switch it up and keep things interesting. you know you want to toot your own horn too!

hope you enjoyed my looks as much as i enjoyed putting them together.


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