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in my closet: update on rediscovering my closet

so the journey of my workwear rediscovery continues. honestly thought it would be done after about a month. that i would declare, “everything in my closet sucks!” and “i need new clothes!” but that hasn’t been the case.

the journey so far has taught me a few things like:

  • how to be more creative with what i have
  • geting rid of stuff i don’t wear
  • rethinking how i shop – quality over quantity
  • and to appreciate the easiness of dresses (this was a surprise for me, after all, i’m the lady with 20 pairs of pants!)

four months in and i’m still at it, lookin’ at my closet and seeing whatelse i can rediscover. 


Style loving introvert, a student of life and lover of all things brunch! Hello, French Toast! Oh yeah, I'm also Instagram obsessed! Just learning to practice gratitude and self-love and hoping to inspire other badass babes who are also searching for happiness!

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