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musings: work wardrobe resolutions for 2012

my urge to splurge (or spend foolishly) has been tempered a lot lately. i can’t tell if it’s because of this exercise in rediscovering my closet or simply that i hate winter and am suffering from early onset blahs. hmmm.

truth be told i find it extremely had to be optimistic about fashion in the winter. seriously i can’t think about floral prints and short suits when its -15 degrees celsius outside.  all i’m thinking is “damn, i need to buy some more thermal underwear”, and “i hope i don’t have hat head when i get to work” (i usually do).

so in embracing the spirit of renewal and optimism that accompanies the start of the new year i’m making some work wardrobe resolutions to help me weather the winter months.

in 2012 i will resolve to:

1.       go for color – black and gray are my winter go-to’s. i will endeavour to go for color more often

2.       apply the 1-in-1-out rule – when i buy something new i will in turn donate or hand-down something old

3.       consider quality over quantity – clearly i’ve got the “quantity” thing down to a science so now its time to be more mindful of investing in good quality classic pieces based on what i can afford (read: no kelly or birkin bag for me…sighs)

4.       look in the full-length mirror – take a good look at myself each morning before i leave for work; too often i rush out without a glance only to realize i needed to take a lint roller to my black trousers or that shirt doesn’t work with those pants as well as i thought *frown*

also a friend told me she once wore two different pairs of shoes to work (kinda like helena bonham carter on the red carpet except not deliberately) and only realized it when she was on the train. yeah, i wanna try to avoid that…

5.       kick the boredom habit – let boredom lead me not into temptation (unneccessary spending) but to look for inspiration around me on the streets and in magazines

6.       look good and feel good – make every effort to look good every day because i know it will make me feel good

now i know resolutions are hard to keep but i’m sure gonna try with these one. plus, these are so much easier than resolving to exercise!

happy new year!


p.s. in case you were wonder about helena bonham carter’s shoes on the red carpet:


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