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cube dwelling: kids in the hall

dear high school,

remember how I didn’t like it the first time around? Remember how we’re grown ups now?

stay classy.


my friend wrote that and it reminded me that the cube dweller’s experience can sometimes feel like being in high school all over again.

and why not?, you’ve got all the players: the principal (the boss whose office you never want to be sent to), teachers (supervisors who are there to teach you stuff), and the kids (the overachievers, underachievers, cool kids, mean girls, geeks and everything in between).

what’s also reminiscent of high school is the bullying, gossiping, and cattiness that can happen in the workplace because people forget that they’re not kids in the hall anymore – think of workplace email slandering, fb misuse, cyber-bullying.

in the workplace we should remember to behave like the grown ups and professionals we are. seriously, who really wants to re-live high school (especially if you went during the ‘80s)?

leave the high school antics on the playground or save it for when you get your own reality tv show. always stay classy in the cube.


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