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closet redis: weekend of shop-n’-purge

the splurge

last weekend found me in the mall. it was ‘friends and family’ event at banana republic.

i was looking for a new interview suit but then had a change of heart after i asked whether i can still ‘work with what i got’ – i own a black pant suit (2009) – i don’t love but can make it work.  so, instead of a suit i bought:  

  • 100% silk button-down blouse (burgundy) – something a little different to wear with my suit than the standard crisp white or blue cotton button-down shirt; and
  • a black merino wool cardigan. i needed an updated black cardi.

and purge

when i got home i decided to take an “in-with-the-new-out-with-the-old” approach and did a quick closet purge. my ‘donation’ pile now includes:

  • 3 piece grey suit (jacket, pants, skirt) – loved this jacob suit (it had a good long run, 6 years i think)
  • 1 pant suit
  • 3 skirts 
  • 1 red corduroy blazer 

it felt really good.


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