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running shoes + sports socks + suits = why?!

lately i’ve been noticing women wearing running shoes, sports socks and skirt suits – not kidding. i don’t get it, it was awful back in the 1980s and still awful now (like big shoulder pads – *shudder*).

i take over 200 stairs going to and from work each day – by taking the stairs i feel less guilty about my aversion to the gym *blush*.  wearing high heels on my commute is not practical; but this doesn’t mean i have to wear sneakers and look like some ’80s throwback either.

how i work it: 

i wear a pair of black sam edelman lace-ups to work. they are comfy and if i work it right i can almost pull of an Alexa Chung inspired look (ok, maybe not, but a girl can try can’t she?)

i also like them ‘cause they fit my orthotic inserts. i know, not sexy, right? but neither is spanx… i’m just sayin’.


  • only wear running shoes when participating in a sport or exercising
  • leave the heels at work and opt for a ballet flat, lace-up, or wedges as your commuter shoes

if you’re one of those women who can work a high heel 24-7 then power to you. my feet hurt just thinking about it.


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