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Work Relating: meeting etiquette – clicking your time away


you might be annoying your co-workers when… 

during the meeting you’re constantly on your blackberry/iPhone/tablet: 

  • you message your bff to confirm after-work drinks – click, click, click 
  • tweet about the dirty looks you got when you arrived to the meeting a mere 15 minutes late – like who can start a meeting without a half-caff-decaf-mocha-frappuccino, right?click, click, and then 
  • you purchase u2 tickets before they’re sold out. click! 

So what’s so wrong with that? you’re a multi-tasker! 

it’s seriously annoying not to mention rude, that’s what’s wrong with it. 


checking emails, texting, or doing other work during meetings is disrespectful to everyone in attendance. 

put the gadgets away and pay attention.  


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