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    Racking up the Points & Reaping Rewards: 5 reasons I love using points cards

    I’m now a believer in points cards! I was always one of those people who would get coupons for, I dunno McDonald’s and think, great, going to get a free Sundae with my Quarter-Pounder with Cheese for lunch….one of these days. Then I would forget and the coupon would sit in my handbag well past its expiry date. So, when points cards came along, I was like “whatever”or, I’d  collect points so infrequently, a lot of time I wouldn’t even have the card on me, I would rarely end up reaping any rewards. That was until I was paying for groceries at Loblaws and I was told I had racked up $70…

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    Offline: tips for a new wardrobe

    offline: fall(ing) for a new wardrobe it’s that time of year again, you know the one where all the mags do the massive  September issues with about 600 pages of adversting, 100 pages of runway stuff and maybe 20 pages of stuff you can actually wear and maybe afford. i’ve got fall shopping fever but i’ve decided to wait and first assess what’s in my closet. before hitting the mall to get that fantastic grey sweater or camel coat you saw in Zara (you know, just like the one you have hanging in your closet…) you may want to: start with your closet – since we’re talking about work-wear here, take a…

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    Deskercise: 6 Easy Workouts you can Literally do at your Computer | The LUXE LifeThe LUXE Life

    Apparently sitting is the new smoking when it comes to things that are bad for your health. Luxe Life posted these 6 exercises to keep you in shape while working at your desk all day. I plan to try these out. me Deskercise: 6 Easy Workouts you can Literally do at your Computer | The LUXE LifeThe LUXE Life

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    Notes: Summer Dress Code?

    early last month, i was alerted to a news article in the toronto star about summer dress code for the office that was enough to spark days of debate. Here are some of the highlights from the article: Yes to jeans as long as they are not torn or distressed. Yes to polo shirts, casual shirts and T-shirts. No to bare shoulders or midriffs (read: no tank tops, muscle shirts, camisoles, halter tops, spaghetti straps, and crop tops) No to  low-rise pants. No minidresses.  Yes to casual dresses and skirts with ‘appropriate’ hemlines. Yes to sleeveless dresses (exception to the ‘no’ bare shoulder rule above). No miniskirts/dresses and dresses with…

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    cube dwelling: latte come lately

    ever been in a meeting with a co-worker whose behaviour is disruptive but they’re clueless about it? or might you be one of those people? here is how your lack of meeting etiquette may be annoying your colleagues. During the office meeting you might be annoying your co-workers when… the meeting starts at 9:00 am and your morning coffee run begins at 8:55 am. it’s not like meetings ever start on time. you know people will waste time talking about who got booted off idol or the latest episode of glee. no one will care if you’re late, right? wrong. people care – especially the ones who were subjected to…

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    cube dwelling: dude..like…umm..whateves!

    when recounting events with colleagues, please refrain from speaking like you hang out with wayne & garth: try to avoid sounding like this: “and i was like dude! and he was like yeah, and then i was like no waaay! and then he was like, way! and then…”  unless you’re starring in a remake of dumb and dumber just stop it.  do: try to use ‘adult’ words speak in a professional manner. people will likely be more inclined to take you seriously and listen to what you have to say. this is particularly important when you’re a young professional looking to make some serious strides in your career. the statement…